Hiring the right person for your team is time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to scale a business. With subscription staffing, busy founders and executives have the opportunity to bypass the archaic hiring process and grow their team quickly on a fractional basis with much less risk.

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This new model has really only recently become possible with the convergence of two major movements:

  1. The subscription economy has transformed everything from transportation and software to cloud storage and product delivery. Now, business owners are looking for similar convenience in every area of their business including employment.
  2. The remote work revolution has changed worker expectations in that employees believe that work/life balance should be not only achievable but a necessity.

The first pioneers who worked this way were “virtual assistants,” remote staff who handled executive admin tasks such as scheduling and booking travel for clients remotely.

Today, with the advancements of technology and the thousands who are leaving the corporate workforce in search of flexibility, the world’s pool of talented remote workers has evolved including a wide variety of professionals. Last year alone, Boldly received 32,000 applications. These applicants were parents, military spouses, expats, and people who crave a more flexible schedule, but who still want the stability and security of employment.

And the rise in professionals seeking this type of work has ended up creating a strategic advantage for many businesses.

“This is the modern way to scale a business like mine,” says Sarah Giblin, owner of e-commerce store RuitBag who has been using premium subscription staffing for 3 years. “More companies are evolving to a point where they realize you don’t need someone to be in the office full- or even part-time to be great at what they do.”