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Ridiculously talented executive assistants.

For leaders in absurdly crucial roles.

Sharyanne McSwain COO

Jill Hecomovich Executive Assistant

Stephanie Mack Executive Assistant

Bill Harrison CEO

For leaders in absurdly crucial roles.

Get fractional, remote assistants with 10+ years experience at these great companies.

Professionals with a “why”.

We relentlessly seek out the most experienced EAs who go all-in to help leaders succeed. Boldly EAs are driven by long-term partnerships and the opportunity for fulfilling remote careers.

Meet first.

You want an EA who’s passionate about your work, and who gets you. Meet your EA before you sign up, and both decide if it’s a good fit.

Enterprise ready —
multiple EAs.

Whether you’re looking for a single EA or need to support your entire leadership team, we can help you scale personalized, premium-quality support.

Skills and experience first, AI-enhanced.

All Boldly EAs are fluent in a wide range of popular AI-powered applications. They can also seamlessly integrate your favorite tools into their workflow.

Fast, fractional
and compliant.

We’ve done the hiring—all EAs are US-based Boldly W2 employees, so they can get started in days and work long term with no 1099 compliance risk. Choose full-time, quarter-time or anything in between.

Meet the people who leaders say they can’t live without.

Why do Boldly partnerships last? Hover to find out.

My Boldly EA, Iris, knows more about what I’m going through professionally and personally than anyone else I work with. She makes sure I’m on top of everything I have to be.

Anna Marie Wagner SVP – Ginkgo Bioworks

Iris & Anna Marie

Working together for 4 years.

Our lives are easier and as a team we are achieving more. Our Boldly EAs are phenomenal.

Kyle Butler Investment Professional – Permira

Chelsea & Kyle

Working together for 1 year.

With Mara, we no longer need to spend nights and weekends catching up with paperwork. Not only do we have more time to design, but we are now able to take on larger projects knowing we have the infrastructure in place and can easily expand our team if necessary.

Anelle Gandelman Founder – A-List Interiors

Mara & Anelle

Working together for 5 years.

The Fastest Way to a Premium Executive Assistant.

Reduce hiring time from months to days.

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  1. Tell us about the
    support you need.

    In a short, productive meeting, we'll listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that we suggest the right EA to match the leader they will support and your company culture.

  2. Meet your executive
    assistant first.

    You’ll speak to the person we recommend to verify that it's a good match before you sign up, so that you have that extra level of confidence in who you'll be working with.

  3. Start working together.

    Your EA will learn about your business, how you like to work, and tools you like to use. (They can also recommend collaboration and business tools.) You'll see everything they do in an easy-to-use dashboard.