About Boldly

Founded in 2012, Boldly is a premium subscription staffing company with team members in North America and Europe. We help founders and executives move their business forward by providing highly skilled remote staff they can trust to represent their business and carry out responsible tasks—all on a simple monthly subscription.

We provide a personalized and customized service, getting to know your business and then recommending qualified team members to support you.

Finding reliable, trustworthy, and competent help has always been one of the foremost challenges of running a successful business or project—and it’s even more relevant when using remote resources. Boldly’s team of experienced, reliable, and vetted virtual assistants, marketers, project managers and more can provide your business with support you need.

Boldly's Values

Screening for Talent

Our staff are selected for their innate sense of service and care, as well as their years of corporate and professional experience. We look for people who are motivated to contribute to and partner with our clients for the long term.

Friendly and Caring

We like working with friendly and caring people and so do our clients. That's why Boldly is all about providing friendly, personalized service. Look forward to working with a motivated team who cares deeply about doing a great job.

Everyone Wins

Our business model is based on the belief that long lasting partnerships must be beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved. Our clients and team both get to choose whether or not they want to work together, and our team is highly invested in helping our clients succeed.

Paying Attention To Detail

Don't think that because we're friendly we don't mean business! We believe that solid execution comes from sweating the details, and one of our key team requirements is to care for all the little things that translate into extraordinary results.

Taking Responsibility

The buck stops with us—no matter what the situation. Our team takes responsibility for their actions and for speaking up when something isn't working, so that it can be improved. We back that up with our 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

A Positive Outlook

We believe in the power of positivity grounded in reality—that is, looking at each situation as an opportunity to learn, thrive or improve. We want to have a positive impact with our work and in all of our interactions and collaborations.

Our Story

Boldly was born in early 2012, when Sandra Lewis and a group of experienced remote professionals began collaborating to offer business clients a well-rounded range of services. With our commitment to quality and reliability, word of mouth spread and our client pool quickly began to grow beyond the scope of what we could support as individuals. Boldly took shape as we continued to add more and more professionals to the team who share the same values—friendly, skilled, responsible, "can do" support, grounded in quality.

As our clients were able to hand over more ongoing responsibilities and focus on the growth of their business, Boldly saw a shift in demand from short-term projects to long-term, ongoing monthly tasks, with team members working as an integral part of our clients’ businesses.

What became apparent in working closely with our first clients was that, while most tasks fell under “general admin support,” each business was unique, with very particular needs. To successfully provide our clients with the best solution, we needed to understand their business and provide a tailored approach to their specific requirements.

In listening to our clients’ pain points and concerns, we also noted that assigning a team member who would get the job done was very often only 40% of what mattered to them. The remaining 60% was in HOW the tasks would get done, and BY WHOM.

We all have our preferences in work style and the type of person we like to work with, and these preferences matter A LOT in building trust, and a long-term partnership.

In our first year of business, it also became apparent that small business owners very often need more than just admin support—that they often don’t have time to find someone to do their social media, create an email marketing campaign, or project manage the launch of their books.

Clients started asking us for more help, and we began to assemble an array of team members with the versatility required to support business owners with more complex and specialized skills. Why should a client struggle to find a designer for a new brochure or a Web developer to create a new sales page? With a diverse skillset and constantly growing team, we’ve been able to assign team members for ongoing tasks as well as to support clients on an ad hoc basis when they have a particular need, or in cases where they suddenly need to scale up to respond to demand.

Boldly’s ability to provide highly personalized and tailored solutions and to match our clients with remote staff who have the skills, interest, and personality to support their business for the long term has been our greatest accomplishment. It has contributed to our rapid growth and our astonishingly high client and team retention rates.

Our vision hasn’t changed since day one; our unequivocal passion for excellence, quality, and care still drives our decision-making and is the foundation for how we’ve structured our business. If you share our values and need help, then we would love for you to experience what we are all about!

what our customers are saying

“With the help of Boldly, I've been able to launch a business with a robust and great looking e-commerce site. The team is available to help with administrative requests, project management, book-keeping and web development. I am a huge fan.”

Helena Fogarty Mi Ola, NY

“Boldly has helped us fill key multilingual positions within our company, which we had been looking to fill for a while. They are skilled at understanding our requirements and finding talent to match our needs.”

ray martin Qualifirst Foods, Toronto

“Finding a good VA is gold, and I love mine – totally on the ball, professional, gets me/my brand, works really quickly, gets me what I need at lightening speed…I have nothing but good things to say. Totally recommend them.”

Jen Sincero Author & Speaker
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