Why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Boldly we are passionate about offering high quality services, and about going to great lengths to match our clients with staff that have both the skills and the personality to create a positive and beneficial working relationship. One of our favorite slogans is “your success is our success, is not a cliché.” Our company, our team, and our reputation depends on the success of our clients, so we are highly invested in making sure that the quality of work we provide is the best.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process for new staff is one of the most rigorous in the industry. If you are fortunate enough to be one of the 1% of applicants that makes it through to the interview process, don’t count your chickens quite yet! First you have to get through a series of tests, interviews, psychometric evaluations and background checks. Those finally assigned to a client are the cream of the crop, highly skilled individuals that have a proven track record, and who have the initiative and the motivation to help their clients succeed — and who genuinely want to do so.

Putting our money where our mouth is

In recognition of our team, we put our money where our mouth is by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most of our clients stay with us on a long-term basis, so it is unheard of for a client to invoke the ‘satisfaction’ clause. But if they do, we are happy to offer clients a refund, even though it means us making a loss on the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars we’ve paid our assistant for the work they’ve done. Does that make us a little mad?


The reason that we are happy to, is that over time we have learned the important lesson that it takes two to tango. In order to have great virtual assistants for ALL our clients, we have to have great clients, otherwise we are not able to retain high caliber talent to serve them. Great clients understand that a staff member can only be as good as the instructions they are given, and take responsibility for the staff’s success by ensuring they have the information and the direction they need to succeed. Great clients, and great staff succeed beyond all expectations. No matter how great a staff member is, if a client doesn’t play his or her role, there can’t be success.

Where things can go wrong

When you invest heavily in finding the best resources, you naturally want to deconstruct problems when they occur to find out what happened. By doing that we have discovered, that with the sort of highly skilled staff that we offer, when there is a breakdown to the extent that a client says they are not satisfied, it is always one of two reasons:

1) The personality or skills match isn’t right – which can invariably be resolved by carefully rechecking the client’s requirements and assigning another assistant


2) The client didn’t play their part.

Boldly’s client guide, and our client onboarding methods give extended advice to clients about how to succeed with their remote staff, and those that are keen to establish a long term, effective working relationship take the advice to heart. If they need any help, advice on methods for delegating and communicating, the best apps to use for efficiency, we’re there to support them, and we’ll often coach ‘virtual newbies’ to help clients get up to speed.

When a client refuses to play their role, and puts sole responsibility on their staff, we are happy to refund them and to wish them the very best. We want to keep the company of business men and women that have the emotional intelligence to succeed in the virtual environment, and for those clients we’ll move heaven and earth.