Virtual services are a relatively new concept in a well-established business world. It goes without saying that as a newcomer to the concept of digital outsourcing and virtual assistant services, you would want more information and clean, clear direction.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Pros and Cons for you. Now you can see at a glance the three hottest debate topics surrounding virtual assistant services, and you can see why working with a virtual assistant services company is the best decision for your business.

1. You get virtual staff who work from their own location.

CON: your administrative staff aren’t in the same office as you.

PRO: virtual staff come with their own computer workstations, equipment and software. That means that hiring a new staff member is the be-all and end-all of your expenses: no extra office space, no extra desks, no computers and no software licenses required.

CON: If your virtual assistant works from home, how can you be sure that she’s working and not playing her Wii Fit?

PRO: You can monitor your virtual assistant’s work progress through time tracking tools and communication tools like instant messaging. You can see in real-time what they’re completing, and you can have them log in to sharepoint services to track their progress by using tools like BaseCamp or

2. You only pay for the time you use


CON: Non-permanent staff are not motivated to perform.

PRO: Virtual assistants are motivated to perform so that you give them a good referral or call on them for future work. They’re determined and dedicated, and come on a “by the hour” basis which is great for your budget.

CON: Paying by the hour means I’ll have to explain the company’s background every time I outsource.

PRO: Working with a virtual assistant services company means that you get assigned the same virtual assistant every time. You build rapport, establish a good relationship – and best of all, you don’t need to train them every time you need an extra set of hands.

3. Virtual assistants don’t need permanent contracts or payroll services


CON: How can I be guaranteed success if my virtual administrator doesn’t have a permanent contract with my company?

PRO: Boldly carefully hand-picks their virtual assistants to ensure that they’re the best of the best. We rely on our staff to consistently perform to their highest ability which is why we check them before assigning them to any client. They have contracts with us, and we have a service agreement contract in place with you to ensure accountability, reliability and responsibility.

CON: If my virtual assistant has a sick day – I’m up a creek without a paddle, so to speak. At least with a permanent employee, I know they’re coming back!

PRO: In addition to having service level agreements in place, should your virtual assistant need to take off time for any reason, we make sure that they’re replaced by an equally competent and effective assistant so that your company never has to deal with time off, annual leave, sick leave or staff holidays. That’s a whole lot less paperwork for your company to process, and you don’t need to account for additional payroll activity or budget for additional staff either: we simply invoice for you work completed.