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Stressed Out About Returning To The Office? Learn About This Remote Position Experienced Pros Are Applying For

Written by: Sandra Lewis

Working from home—during the pandemic you’ve either loved or hated it, but with a post-pandemic return to in-person work approaching, is going back to the office stressing you out?

Over the last year, you may have gotten used to the freedoms that come with working from home. But, as more businesses return to normal, that’s going away. For many, it’s back to hellish commutes and a life that seems to revolve around the rigidity of a fixed schedule and getting to and from work. Your personal life has to fit around all that.

Are you dreading going back? If so, perhaps it’s time to take the leap, and make remote work permanent. But how do you make that a reality?

Traditional work might be gearing back up, but the pandemic has made a permanent impact on how businesses view remote work. There are tons of remote working opportunities with companies who prefer, and are sticking with, the new working model.

Remote Work Is Legitimate (And Here To Stay)

Studies have shown that people who work from home are often more productive than those at the office. Many remote workers have less distractions, or are motivated by their home surroundings. On top of that, virtual work benefits are real, and they include happier people who stick with their jobs longer.

If that’s not enough proof, just look at the numbers.

Disney+ just blew away all predicted growth, reaching 100 million subscribers in 16 months. How did they get there? With most of their employees working remotely.

Ignore people who tell you that remote work is going away. It isn’t. It didn’t just spring up during the pandemic. It has been on a steady growth path for years. The pandemic simply kicked that growth into high gear. 

Virtual work is now a viable long-term career path. 

We know, because we’ve been doing it for nine years with hundreds of employees and thousands of clients from growing small companies to giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, and more.

It’s a solid career with maximum flexibility that definitely beats a daily commute!  And the path to getting there isn’t complicated at all.

Remote Staffing Is Your Remote Executive Assistant Pathway

At Boldly, we use the subscription staffing model, meaning that clients come to us and are carefully matched up with one of our team who support them for the hours they need. Our experienced team all of whom have 7+ years of experience in their areas of specialty get to choose the clients they work for, create a schedule that works for them and decide how much they want to work. 

That level of adaptability means that you, as one of our team members, could have an incredible amount of flexibility in how you layout your day. Great work-life balance is the norm here.

Even better, since our team members are W2 employees, you don’t have the worries that freelance or contract workers do. Your pay is competitive. You get paid holidays. You don’t have to chase down every bit of work you can for a stable income from remote work.

Plus, you’ll be working with a Fortune-500 trained team, connecting with top-tier virtual assistants whose experience you can benefit from. You’ll have an opportunity for challenging and meaningful work, loaded with learning opportunities.

Freedom. Flexibility. Control. Security. Opportunity. All while part of a team that will help you grow and excel. It’s an unbeatable combination.

What Does A Remote Executive Assistant Job Look Like?

Those are strong selling points, to be sure, but you’re probably wondering what it looks like in reality. What does a typical executive assistant’s job look like? What’s the day-to-day experience?

  1. Challenging opportunities. For starters, the opportunities you’ll have will cross a number of skill sets, from executive administration to project management, and everything in between. As Boldly’s clients are typically growing businesses they are looking for team members that can learn new things and take on responsibility.  Boredom is a thing of the past.
  2. Personalized schedule. In conjunction with the clients you work with, you’ll be able to work out the times of the day you’ll devote to them. That means flexibility on setting up how you will structure your day. Your personal life no longer has to take a backseat to your work because we understand your life and family are important
  3. Meaningful work. Every day is going to be an opportunity to learn. You’ll be exposed to clients who need things from you that you might not have had to deliver in your previous 9-to-5 job. That’s not a scary thing, but an exciting challenge. Figuring out how to solve these challenges makes work meaningful.
  4. No more monotony. It’s easy to find work monotonous when everyday is the same thing, over and over. That’s how most jobs are essentially structured. But because you’ll have different clients, you’re going to be exposed to fascinating work of all kinds.
  5. Part of a team. The downside to working remotely can be sometimes feeling isolated or alone. But one thing you won’t be missing out on at Boldly is culture and community. That’s important to our team, and we make sure you’re connected and feel part of it.

Joining the Boldly team is a great move that’s not only going to give you the advantages of flexible remote work that you’re looking for, but also  improve your skills and experience. Best of all, it’ll give your life a breath of freedom. No longer do you have to fit your personal life into the few hours you have at home. You can fit your work into your life.

Are you ready to start working with the best team and the best clients, in the at-home environment you’ve grown to prefer? You can get started now, and make the best career change yet.

Updated on December 13th, 2022

About the author: Sandra Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Boldly. She's passionate about helping Businesses, Organizations and Executives increase productivity and move their work forward with the right skills and resources. Setting an example of the efficiencies gained working remotely, she’s been leading her entire team on a virtual basis for the past decade.