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Here’s How To Find The Best Virtual Assistants When Hiring Gets Hard

Written by: Sandra Lewis

Twenty years ago, life was different.

Then, you rented DVDs from Blockbuster. Now, you’re streaming movies instantly. You used to pay through the nose for software and had to keep buying expensive updates. Now it’s all cloud-based. You carried a brick-sized mobile phone or relied on pagers and public phone booths. Now you have a small touch-screen phone and computer in your pocket that’s more powerful than the Apollo 11 computer.

Things evolve.

Change is relentless, and every part of life is affected, even hiring.

So, when you need to hire and HR tells you it’s impossible because of cost or time or viability, you can tell them about subscription staffing. They need to know that you can hire now, and you can get the best virtual assistants available. 

Here’s how subscription staffing makes that possible.

The Best Virtual Assistants, Via Subscription Staffing

Subscription staffing allows you to “subscribe” to the exact number of hours you need of the best virtual assistant carefully matched with you through a simple process.

You contact Boldly and tell us exactly what you need, we find the right match, and soon you have a highly skilled virtual assistant with 10-15 years experience working the hours you’ve subscribed to. As you know from everything else you subscribe to, whether it’s software or streaming video, it’s best to have control over your subscription. 

With subscription staffing you have that control. You can increase or decrease those hours as needed. That means you’ll avoid the hassles that come with hiring and can set up a subscription that fits your budget. 

Less time, less cost.

But maybe HR still needs some convincing that subscription staffing is actually a viable alternative to traditional hiring. Time and cost aren’t their only concerns. Let’s take a look at how hiring has evolved by comparing the traditional model to subscription staffing.

Traditional Hiring Vs. Subscription Staffing

Need to hire someone? $4000 and three months later you might have a new employee working for you. These days, that’s about what it takes to bring someone on board.

Why so long?

The traditional hiring process has four time-consuming parts to it:

  • Recruitment
  • Interview
  • Training / Onboarding
  • Legal Compliance

That’s a deceptively short list. But we all know that working through each step is expensive in both time and money, and can get very complicated.

Subscription staffing addresses each of those pain points.

The best virtual assistants are within reach.

Finding the best virtual assistant is a question of recruitment.

No one wants to settle for less. But the best doesn’t come easy.

Recruitment has to be specific and extensive. You have to know where to look and how to attract the best applicants. Interviews and selection processes need to be rigorous, because you’re looking for more than just skills, but also work style and culture fit. Training has to be thorough, and onboarding must include benefits that attract top talent.

All of that = time and money. Lots of it.

With subscription staffing, you only need to contact us to find the best talent. We’ve already taken care of everything else (more on that in a bit).

The best virtual assistants are a perfect match.

Finding a good match is a question of how in-depth the interview process is. 

A good match isn’t just about whether someone has skills or experience. It’s also about personality and work style.

With traditional hiring, despite your best efforts, you might end up choosing someone who isn’t a great match for you. It’s hard to determine work style and personality during one or two interviews or by looking at someone’s CV.

With subscription staffing at Boldly, we make sure you find the best virtual assistant that completely matches what you need and how you work. We actually have a specific, in-depth process to find the best virtual assistant match, one where you get final approval instead of just accepting who you’re assigned.

You can have the best virtual assistant ready to work in three days.

With subscription staffing, you can change your process from three months to three days, with a better outcome. No joke, that’s really possible.

From our side, we put in significant time to find the best virtual assistants available. Our hiring and selection process is extremely stringent. We built a team of people who have international and Fortune 500 experience, bringing amazing talent to the table. 

Because of our hiring process, the onboarding and training time you have to put in is often less than with traditional hires. We only hire the best of the best. They are skilled and capable, and when we match you with a new team member, they often have the exact skill set you are looking for. Within a few days they will be handling everything you throw at them and more. 

When you contact us, you reap the benefits of all the time we put into building an incredible team, without having to put that time in yourself.

The best virtual assistants don’t come with baggage.

Each new traditional hire comes with some baggage. By that, we mean all of the legal compliance issues that make HR cringe. 

When you hire a virtual assistant who is a traditional W2 employee, you’ll have to deal with all of the usual taxes and benefits, plus complying with laws that govern where they live.

If you skip the employee route to avoid some of that, it means you’re going to take the independent contractor approach. You swapped W2 for 1099, and actually ended up with more rules. Not only do you have to follow the laws of where the independent contractor lives, but you also have to be sure you do not treat them like a W2 employee.

This is probably why HR is dragging their feet when you mentioned you need to hire someone. It looks like there’s no easy solution for compliance issues.

Except there is. 

We saw that this compliance problem was a stumbling block, and modeled our company to hire our virtual assistants as W2 employees. We don’t offer you independent contractors. We offer you our own W2 employees, and that means we handle all of the compliance issues. You’re off the hook. 

The added bonus is that being full employees has contributed to a positive work culture and longevity of our team members, both of which are benefits that are passed on to you.

Subscription Staffing Beats The Alternatives

When it comes to finding the best virtual assistants, you can’t skimp on who you hire. 

A virtual assistant is a high-trust position that, when left unfilled, leaves you limping along with projects and opportunities left on the table. The need to fill the position means you have to make a ton of decisions about what hiring option is best for your business

When you compare subscription staffing with hiring a freelancer, working with a traditional virtual assistant company, or working with a temp agency, you’ll quickly see the difference. Every single hiring alternative puts a time, cost, or compliance burden on you at some point. There’s some sort of barrier to immediate hiring. And that’s an excuse for HR to say no to bringing on anyone new. Subscription staffing is the only option that’s rejection-proof.

As you’ve seen, subscription staffing answers every single one of the concerns HR has, beating out all of the other hiring alternatives. If hiring is off the table, and the alternatives aren’t doing any better, subscription staffing with Boldly is the best choice for you. Connect with us and we’d love to get started working with you today.

Topic: Remote Staffing

Updated on December 7th, 2022

About the author: Sandra Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Boldly. She's passionate about helping Businesses, Organizations and Executives increase productivity and move their work forward with the right skills and resources. Setting an example of the efficiencies gained working remotely, she’s been leading her entire team on a virtual basis for the past decade.