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New year, new you, right?

Let’s say that last year was full of a way-too-busy version of you. 

You needed to hire help, but couldn’t make it happen, so you spent your time working for your business instead of on it.

That might seem like splitting hairs; you may think you accomplished what you needed to, even though you often felt overworked and frustrated. But time spent where it shouldn’t be is opportunity lost through opportunity costs, a pesky little problem that isn’t actually so little. 

Did you spend your time answering emails? Dealing with invoices? You could have been building clientele and growing your brand. Those lost growth opportunities might be hidden behind all the busyness, but they still mangle your bottom line in the long run.

2022 is going to be your reboot, the one where you stop letting your time get away from you.

There’s a new approach to staffing, one that’s fast, one that’s all about quality, and one that will make you shake your head when you think about how you could’ve handled 2021.

If you have a phone or can send a message, it’s in your reach. Let us explain.

The Challenge Of Bringing On New Staff

The old way of bringing on staff is either by hiring or turning to a temp staffing agency.

Hiring takes months spent fiddling with job descriptions, posting jobs, sorting through applications and resumes, conducting interviews, onboarding, training, and payroll costs. 

It’s expensive and time consuming and it’s why people (like yourself) try to find a workaround, which ends up meaning they do all the work around the office themselves.

To circumvent that problem, some turn to traditional staffing agencies. They assign you a temp or assign your tasks to whatever virtual assistant is available next in the pool. The first gives you someone dedicated to working with you. That’s better than the assistant pool solution, which requires you to still manage your tasks and can be inconsistent depending on who happens to be doing the work for you at the time. 

Whether it’s a temp or a pool, here’s the catch: you’ll only get someone as good as the staffing agencies provide. 

That’s an obvious statement, but essentially, their hiring policies become yours. If they’re not particular about who or how they hire, that’s passed on to you. 

For these reasons, remote staffing gets a bad rap. 

It’s seen as only slightly better than hiring because you can get some help sooner in a triage situation, but that’s it. And even though every imaginable metric shows that a remote workforce is becoming commonplace, much of that is built on the idea of hired teams shifting how they work. Remote staffing is meant to answer that problem of needing great help but no time to make it happen. 

Change Your Thinking About Remote Staffing

The new way of staffing is completely different.

We flipped remote staffing on its head, and demanded it be the best solution, not a fall-back solution.

When it comes to hiring, we take the time. We’re experts in finding top-quality staff. We filter through thousands of applicants and only choose the very best, those with Fortune 500 and C-Suite experience. And then, through a careful matching process, we make sure that you and your new virtual assistant are a good fit in working style and personality.

Not every business has the opportunity to access top-shelf talent, but through Boldly, that changes. It levels the competitive playing field. Small businesses can gain a Fortune-500 advantage.

You’ll only get the best remote executive assistants from us, and that’s not just a catchy slogan. Our team isn’t just a virtual assistant — they’re so good that they become an integral part of your team as self-starters that need no micromanagement. Repeatedly, our clients tell us that they can’t imagine how they managed without one of our virtual assistants. The experience and skill alongside a work ethic and reliability that could be trusted, has made all the difference.

It’s not just the amazing people we’ve brought onto our team, but how we’ve created a system that makes bringing on new staff incredibly easy.

Increase your organization’s flexibility.

If there’s anything you need, going forward, it’s flexibility. 

The labor market and economic landscape is constantly shifting in today’s world, and you need the freedom to move and respond quickly.

What you don’t need are locked-in contracts. We offer subscription staffing instead. Consider that we live in a subscription-based economy, where just about everything rests on the idea that you should only pay for what you need. Your remote staffing should be no different, and so all you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee to us. If you need more hours (or fewer), you simply adjust your subscription up (or down).

Try that with any other staffing option, including traditional hiring.

Avoid employment compliance and legal issues.

The second key difference we offer is that our virtual assistants are our employees. 

Some agencies might partner you with an independent contractor, placing the burden of compliance on you. In other words, if your remote staff isn’t a W2 employee, then you have some restrictions on how you can use them. And, the longer you rely on an independent contractor and build them into your team, the more likely you’ll be part of the 10 to 20% of employers who misclassify at least one employee. Each state has different laws (that constantly change) when it comes to both W2 employees and independent contractors, and much of that falls in your lap depending on how the staffing agency operates.

To solve that problem, all of our virtual assistants are our W2 employees. We hired them, and we make sure that all employment compliance issues are our problem, not yours. We take care of payroll and compliance, along with providing a strong company culture for our remote team, a positive culture that you benefit from.

No More Waiting. Your Remote Staff Is Waiting For You.

What used to be true about remote staffing has changed. Instead of seeing it as “second” to hiring, you should start to see it as superior. Every must-have list item gets a checkmark.

This is the year you’ll make it happen.

Labor shortages and shifting client landscapes won’t stop you. Budgets won’t stop you. Time constraints won’t stop you. The only thing stopping you is whether or not you’ll start the process by having a simple conversation with us. We’d love to talk to you, and answer your questions.

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About the author Sandra Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Boldly. She's passionate about helping Businesses, Organizations and Executives increase productivity and move their work forward with the right skills and resources. Setting an example of the efficiencies gained working remotely, she’s been leading her entire team on a virtual basis for the past decade.

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