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How to Run Your Site Like a Superstar Blogger

Researching the “playbook” of successful people and improving on it is a proven strategy for your own success. So if you have a blog and you want to take it to the next level, steal ideas from—er, I mean emulate the habits of highly successful bloggers.

Going to the next level

Many great bloggers get started because they love discussing their topic and they create a number of killer posts. At that point things can go two ways. Despite the great content, the blogger may languish in obscurity, or the blogger may start to experience a serious level of success.

Both of those hypothetical bloggers can accomplish a lot by getting help so that they can leverage their time either to improve their chances of being found, or to capitalize on their exposure. Both, in fact, could use a virtual assistant to propel their success to the next level.

Here are some jobs successful bloggers give to their virtual assistant:


Bloggers find their time being eaten up by non-blogging activities. A smart assistant can help keep the blog’s topics on target and give the blogger a good overview of what others are doing. Also, both the new and established blogger can have a virtual assistant fill in research on a topic. Often the “big idea” is easy to come up with, but finding the killer details that readers gobble up takes more time.

Bloggers looking for success can take the time they save by outsourcing research and use it to promote their blogs and get a better understanding about how the industry works. They can make the contacts they need to get their names in the right places.

Quality control

Many bloggers are experts on their subjects or have huge personalities, but aren’t professional writers. Even bestselling authors rely heavily on editors. Your virtual assistant can help you proofread, or hire a freelancer to proofread and edit your writing. Get it polished and make it professional. You need to find an editor who understands your “voice” and this could require auditioning a few. A freelance editor will be indispensable when you start to publish guest blogs.

Prep work

A virtual assistant can get posts properly formatted for your blog. This may include tasks such as SEO work and finding photos or graphics. Your assistant can also make sure that your articles are being posted on schedule.


For some bloggers it’s all about the writing and they find themselves to be terrible at marketing themselves. In that case find an assistant who has experience in marketing. Set goals and team up to devise a marketing strategy then let your assistant handle the work on a daily basis.

Social media

There are many virtual assistants who are adept at handling social media responsibilities. A savvy assistant can also reply to comments and field the email. These jobs can eat up valuable time bloggers need to spend on more important tasks. Set a virtual assistant loose on them and you immediately “multiply” yourself…and at a good price.

Do the things you haven’t had time for. You’ve looked at other successful blogs and said, “I wish I could do that.” With a virtual assistant you’ll find that you suddenly have the ability to take on projects that would have seemed impossible before. How about a contest? It takes a lot of footwork that you don’t have the time for. A virtual assistant can get it done.

Of course, adding personnel has always been the way for a business to expand. But today’s there’s a big difference: You can easily add only the amount of assistance that you really need, and with virtual assistants you can get the exact expertise that you require. With quality VA companies like Boldly you can find all the skills you need under one roof, including admin, marketing, design and web development – with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to boot. This dramatically decreases the risk and increases the potential reward for your blogging business.

About the author As Co-Founder and Technical Director of Boldly, Matt is responsible for Boldly's technical infrastructure, ensuring the smooth running and ongoing development of our innovative cloud-based client and virtual assistant dashboard system as well as overseeing technical support for clients and team.

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