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How To Become A Successful VA:
Boldly | Talented Ladies Club Webinar

Written by: Audrey Fairbrother

Have you ever wondered what the day in the life of one of our virtual assistants looks like? Our Partnership Manager, Ekaterina, recently teamed up with Talented Ladies Club for a webinar on the secrets to setting yourself up as a VA, the skills needed for success, and the difference between going at it solo or joining a VA company like Boldly.

If you are currently exploring options for a remote flexible and rewarding career, then perhaps this is for you, and if you think you have the skills to join a premium virtual assistant company such as Boldly, then visit our JOBS page to apply.

Boldly is actively recruiting and we would love to hear from you!

Check out the webinar recording below. (And don’t forget to download our free ebook: The Essential VA Gear)

(Boldly was formerly Worldwide101)

Updated on December 7th, 2022

About the author: Audrey Fairbrother is the Marketing Manager here at Boldly, when she's not spreading information about the benefits and joys of a premium remote team, she enjoys drinking a good coffee or going for a run in her hometown of Denver, CO.