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9 Ways A Remote Staffing Agency Can Help You Fill Key Positions 840% Quicker

Written by: Sandra Lewis

Remote staffing is a better way to staff and safely scale your business — whether you’re a solopreneur, small business owner, or are a Fortune 500 exec.

It’s kind of like getting to be the team captain in childhood sports. You get first pick of all the players and get to build a team of rockstars. These team players have an average of 10–15 years industry experience, often Master’s level education, and are always a joy to work with.

In this article, we’ll share 9 ways a premium remote staffing agency can help you fill key positions 840% quicker than traditional hiring. Plus, you’ll quickly see how remote staffing sharply differs from working with freelancers, temp agencies, or virtual assistant companies.

So let’s eliminate your hiring headaches one at a time with 9 incredible benefits of remote staffing.

One: Remote Staffing Saves You Time by Helping You Hire 840% Quicker

According to data from SHRM, the average number of applications per job listing ranged from 36 to 59. And that was pre-COVID, now application numbers are going through the roof.

That means triaging dozens, sometimes hundreds of applications just to pick the right interview candidates. Obviously, it’s hard to review that many resumés without your eyes glazing over!

This also drives the average time it takes to fill a position up to 42 days. Key positions that go unfilled for that long create the stress of picking up slack for everyone involved — particularly leaders.

One of remote staffing’s flagship benefits is how drastically it reduces the hiring cycle. In our experience, clients start working with a personally-matched, Fortune 500-trained team member in as little as 5 days — that’s 840% faster than traditional hiring.

Two: Hiring Premium Remote Staff Saves Thousands of Dollars in Hiring and Training

SHRM’s Human Capital Benchmarking Report found the average cost per new hire is $4,129.

Add to that, training costs average $1,886 for companies with less than 999 employees — and are 273% higher for midsized organizations and 473% higher for enterprise companies.

This means companies sink nearly $6,000 into new team members between finding and getting them up to speed.

Premium remote staff reduces hiring cost by an order of magnitude. Instead of investing in a listing, advertising, or lengthy interview processes, you get team members matched to the profile you need and ready to hit the ground running.

You’ll save thousands of dollars and have a much calmer experience. You’re now choosing talent for chemistry and aligned experience. The best remote staffing agencies offer whiteglove service that takes the burden off of your plate.

Three: Remote Staffing Agencies Offer A Proven Onboarding Process

What if, instead of designing a full-scale onboarding process, your new rockstar team member had an onboarding process for you?

Premium remote staff understand how to efficiently integrate with how you like to work, goal outcomes, tools, compliance, and more.

This means teams can stay agile — and execs enjoy immediate peace of mind. Plus, rockstar remote staff are experienced enough to share the best ways to work together and manage them. So you don’t even have to be a perfect remote manager from the start.

The onboarding process generally has three simple stages:

  1. Tell us about your ideal staff in a short, productive meeting.
  2. Meet and approve your hand-picked remote staff.
  3. Launch your new team member and track progress.

The process is painless, simple, and actually quite fun.

Four: Increase Your Talent Pool With Vetted Remote Staff

Remote staffers are skilled W2 employees of the staffing company. This means they’re extremely talented and are ready to be assigned to clients long-term for the exact number of hours needed each month.

Because they’re long-term, the remote staffing agency will have thoroughly vetted them, they’ve already risen to the top of a competitive application process— and they already have a track record of working remotely.

For instance, at Boldly, we field over 32,000 job applications per year. So only the most qualified even make it to an interview. This means remote executive assistants, project managers, marketers, and more often have experience working with companies like Zendesk, Facebook, Asana, Grammarly, Google, Chrysler, and more.

Remote staffing instantly increases your accessible talent pool — even beyond geographical limits.

Five: Work With Happy People Who Have An Amazing, Supportive Culture

Culture is often called a competitive advantage.

It bolsters retention. Brings out the best in star talent. And drives significant revenue growth (think 682%).

In Harvard Business Review’s The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture, the authors write: “Culture expresses goals through values and beliefs and guides activity…”

So, if you want the best possible results, work with people from the best cultures. And a good remote staffing agency will invest heavily in all of the contributing factors for a winning culture: employee happiness, wellbeing, professional growth opportunities, sharp leadership, and so on.

(And they should have the remote staffer testimonials to prove it!)

Six: Get Team Members That Follow Through And Are Supported By Top Leadership

As the famous John Maxwell adage goes, “Everything rises and falls with leadership.”

Quality remote staffing agencies will have robust — and supportive — leadership structures in place. Their teams will be highly organized with attentive managers, systems, and personal connection.

This is one of the biggest variations from temp agencies and freelancers alike. You can never be sure how well supported they are. And this impacts longevity and productivity.

Team members who follow through for the long haul are well-led and cared for. Simply put, great leaders create environments with high-employee engagement. And engaged employees are defined as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.”

Seven: Remote Staffing Lessens Your Admin Burden With More Efficient HR

Measuring the ROI of human resources can be a tangled web of fuzzy stats and imprecise strategies. But employees have to be supported.

In a traditional hiring environment, HR costs can run 5% (or more) of total revenue. This is another way remote staffing can save the day.

Building on a quality leadership structure, premium remote staffing agencies will have their own HR systems and people in place. Again, this means less administrative headache, peace of mind, and better efficiency.

You get all of the benefits of well-vetted talent without additional overhead.

Eight: Use Only The Hours You Need

Have you ever worried that you wouldn’t be able to keep a new employee busy with important work every week?

This is a common concern for both leaders building a team for the first time or even those with an existing team.

Remote staffing controls costs by letting you subscribe to talent for only the hours you need. Then, it also provides the flexibility to scale up as growth requires.

Your costs are then 100% predictable (and payroll tax free).

Nine: Remote Staffers Make Going ‘Remote’ A Breeze

Last, but not least, going remote can be tough.

Not only are there technology barriers — there are communication concerns as well.

How do you work with someone whose desk you can’t walk over to? Or who can’t work on the same whiteboard as you?

Fortunately, remote staffers are experts at being highly productive, even being in a different place. They already have the technology, tools, and processes in place to be productive from day one. And even if remote is a new reality for you (considering the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the workforce) they’re able to seamlessly guide you through this new way to work.

Plus, consider that 13% of workers would prefer a remote working situation over a pay raise! Remote work is attractive, sustainable, and cost effective.

How Can Remote Staffing Make Your Life Better?

In short, remote staffing can make your life better by:

  1. Save you 840% more time in hiring
  2. Saving nearly $6,000 per team member
  3. Offering a built-in onboarding process
  4. Vastly increasing your access to a vetted, rockstar talent pool
  5. Letting you work with happy people with an amazing culture
  6. Helping you work with well-led team members who always follows through
  7. Lessening the admin burden for more efficient HR
  8. Controlling costs by only getting talent for the hours you need
  9. And making remote work a breeze

Remote work is becoming synonymous with the new way people work together. And you may find remote staffing is the best way for you to make hiring an amazing, and highly-profitable experience.

If you want to know your best steps forward let’s talk, and in just a few minutes, you’ll know if remote staffing is a fit for you.

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Updated on October 12th, 2023

About the author: Sandra Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Boldly. She's passionate about helping Businesses, Organizations and Executives increase productivity and move their work forward with the right skills and resources. Setting an example of the efficiencies gained working remotely, she’s been leading her entire team on a virtual basis for the past decade.