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Executive summary

Executive Summary

How is Boldly different?

There are features you should expect from every remote staffing service—skilled staff, a dashboard for tracking work, an ironclad satisfaction guarantee, and fanatical customer service. Boldly is all that and so much more.

  1. Each of our team members has 10-15 years experience in their field of specialty.

    There are no junior members of the Boldly team. Every member of staff comes with extensive professional experience so that you get the same level of skill and professionalism that you’d expect if you were an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

  2. Before matching you, we’ll meet for as long as it takes to understand your business.

    In other words, with Boldly you don’t just get assigned the next available person. Before suggesting someone to support you we’ll understand your business requirements and your personal preferences so that we can match you with someone who is a superb fit.

  3. You’ll meet your new staff, before you commit, to check if it’s a good fit.

    The magic of the relationship between a Boldly client and their staff comes from the fact that both of you have chosen each other. Clients often wonder how they’ll find someone who cares about their business, and about doing a great job. That’s how. Our team choose to work with companies that inspire them.

  4. Boldly’s solution is compliant so you don’t risk employee misclassification.

    Unlike the majority of VA companies who's team are contractors exposing you to misclassification risk, Boldly's US team are employees enjoying the highest pay in the industry, benefits, and an involved company culture.

Our Team

Let’s settle the big question.

Tenure & longevity.

We put a huge emphasis on team retention and are very proud to regularly celebrate 5 and even 8 year anniversaries! On average our team remain employed with Boldly for 3+ years providing stability and consistency to your work so that you can integrate your Boldly team members with confidence.

Security & confidentiality.

Our team are rigorous about securing your information, only saving information in the cloud. You are welcome to provide your team member with a VPN connection and our team members are happy to sign NDAs in addition to the standard confidentiality agreements they are bound by.

Speed to launch.

After we've met to find out your requirements, we'll send you a profile of the team member/s we recommend. If you agree, you'll meet your staff and can get started shortly afterwards. It's a quick and easy process and you'll be up and running in no time.

The best thing about Boldly...

Why wouldn’t you meet first?

We’ll keep checking in!


  • 20 years supporting C-level execs.
  • Extremely organized, efficient and productive.
  • Diverse skillset from bookkeeping, admin to customer service.

“I love working for Boldly because of the diversity of the work, and inspiring clients.”

Cyndi | Executive Assistant, Boldly
Our Clients

Is Boldly going to be a good
fit for my business?

Established businesses.

Boldly partners with established businesses that are looking for consistent, superior quality service, and that have sufficient profitability or funding to sustain the relationship over the long term. Typically this mean businesses that have at least a six-figure annual turnover.

Quality the priority.

We support businesses that demand the same high level of experience and cultural fit that they would expect were they hiring an employee. When quality of service, and top-flight talent is important to your success, then Boldly is a perfect fit.

Long-term relationship.

The majority of Boldly clients work together with their staff for at least a year and often much longer. If you are looking for stability, for someone that can learn your business, how you operate, and make a real difference then Boldly is for you.

Client stories

What’s it really like working together?

Hear what our clients say about the impact of their
Boldly staff member.

Plans & pricing

Risk free, lifetime guarantee.

Work with premium staff risk free with our lifetime guarantee. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll benefit from the same personalized matching process and our unequivocal commitment to quality.

Web development, design and other specialist tasks are billed in addition to the plans below. Please contact us for rate information.

40 hour plan per month


  • Perfect staff for your personality.
  • Meet your staff
    before paying.
  • 1 hr complimentary launch mtg.
Get started

50 hour plan per month


  • Perfect staff for your personality.
  • Meet your staff
    before paying.
  • 1 hr complimentary launch mtg.
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60 hour plan per month


  • Perfect staff for your personality.
  • Meet your staff
    before paying.
  • 1 hr complimentary launch mtg.
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80 hour plan per month


  • Perfect staff for your personality.
  • Meet your staff
    before paying.
  • 1 hr complimentary launch mtg.
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Bigger plan? to 160 hours

Ask us for pricing.

  • Perfect staff for your personality.
  • Meet your staff
    before paying.
  • 1 hr complimentary launch mtg.
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Prices are based on monthly payment by ACH Direct Debit. Credit card payments incur a processing fee of 2.9%.
Project Management, web development, blog writing, design and other specialist tasks are billed at $79/hr.

All plans include:

  • Your dedicated staff member.
  • Meeting your staff before
    deciding to sign up.
  • Your staff have 10-15 years of
  • Your choice of North America
    or Europe-based staff.
  • Your staff integrated into your
    team and systems.
  • A trained backup to cover
    vacations or sickness.
  • Access to multilingual services.
  • 1 hour complimentary launch
    meeting when you start.
  • Access to our entire team for
    specialist tasks.
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel
    at any time.
  • Private dashboard to track your
  • No extra charge for additional users.
  • No start-up fees.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Thanks for asking.

Since we take a very personalized approach to assigning you staff, the first step before you sign up is to find out your requirements. Go to GET STARTED, tell us what you need, and we’ll be in touch within a few hours to schedule a time to speak. You will get a chance to review candidate profiles, and meet the VA first to make sure it’s a good match before you subscribe.

First and foremost, the quality of our team. Each member of our team has 10-15 years experience in their area of speciality, so you will be working with someone with a proven track record. Secondly, our personalized process focuses not only on skills, but also on compatibility. We strive to make both effective and positive matches for our clients and staff, so that you'll be working with someone who is excited about your business and working with you for the long term. Our US team are employees, rather than contractors, so you are protected from compliance risk and work with people that are part of a dynamic and happy company culture. Lastly, we stand behind our work and our team with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your fees for the month! Read more on our Compare page.

First, we connect by phone or email so that we can make sure we understand your business and requirements. Then we suggest the virtual professional with the right skills and personality to be a good fit. We’ll send you candidate profiles for review, and you can meet with your staff member before making the decision to subscribe. It's a fast and efficient process, and you'll be up and running in no time.

Yes, our approach is flexible. You can start by subscribing to one plan and upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. In fact, you can upgrade and downgrade multiple times as your needs change throughout the year. You'll be able to keep a close eye on your monthly usage in your client dashboard, so that you can adjust as you need.

For all tasks outside of Executive Assistance, the rate is $79/hr. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your unique requirements!

Have other questions? Check out the FAQ page.


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