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Why The Apple Watch Is Good For Business

“All watches tell time. This one helps you make the most of it.”


This was declared by Apple about the release of their new and innovative smartwatch. Business owners and entrepreneurs want to ensure their time is maximised down to the second, so it makes sense that the one thing that tells them whether they’re using their time efficiently can also help them at the same time.

Some have been sceptical of its release and yet as a market leader in technology, Apple usually has the first hand in starting market trends and knowing what the customers want before the customer themselves even know. Fifteen years ago, who would have thought our mobiles could do what they do now? They are no longer just for calls. They’re a sat-nav, a mobile inbox, a video caller, a full-on office suite, a way to manage our money…the list goes on.

Apple have their sights on business users for the watch, and so it pays to see what it has to offer for the business world; yes, it challenges what the watch essentially is there to do – tell the time – but if it can enable entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their productivity and be more effective in their day to day work, many are going to be intrigued. We’ve taken a look at some of the features of the Apple Watch that business owners can take advantage of.

App Integrations

One of the principal attractions for business users is the watches integration with apps. Business apps that have been tailored towards the capabilities of the watch, allow productivity to be enhanced on the move. While the apps are currently small in numbers, there is no doubt that they will continue to grow as the popularity of the watch increases. One example is Evernote which allows wearers to dictate notes to their watch which syncs back to the iPhone or iPad, or Salesforce, which provides updates on sales and performance directly to the wrist on demand. Invoice2Go prompts you to start logging your time when you arrive at a client’s business, and you can also send basic invoices. This will often prove much easier than having to get your phone out to access the data.

Communication On The Go

You know what it’s like; you’re dashing somewhere quickly and can hear your phone ringing. Instead of fumbling to find it in your pocket/jacket/bag, the Apple Watch displays on the screen who is calling. You can then choose to answer or reject the call with your watch (using a Bluetooth headset), transfer the call to your iPhone or send it to a vehicles Bluetooth audio system. You’re also able to see who is texting you or sending an email and you can respond to both via your watch. Don’t want the watch to interfere with meetings? Alerts come with different settings, and you can also prioritize emails from certain addresses instead of emails from everyone.  If you think about how often you’re reaching for your phone, the Apple watch is certainly going to save business owners a lot of time.

Apple Pay

Business includes a lot of meetings over lunch, coffee on the go, ticket purchases and so on. Reaching for your credit card can be prevented with Apple Pay, which is now accepted at thousands of stores across the United States and will hopefully be rolled out globally if its success continues. Payment methods are securely stored in your watch, and purchases can be made by simply double clicking a button and holding your wrist towards a payment terminal. When the payment has been confirmed, the watch makes a noise and vibrates.


Your calendar is one of THE most important aspects of your business, and the watch can prove very useful in keeping your day on track. Your calendar – synced with all of your devices and central calendar – is easily accessed, and appointments and events can be viewed in one quick click which includes times and locations. If you want to add something to the calendar, either do it manually or use the voice command which will add an appointment or meeting to your calendar. This is incredibly useful when you’re on the move and just want information to hand quickly and easily; the data is readily available on your wrist.

Passbook Integration

Passbook has been used successfully on other Apple devices for a few years, and it also comes as part of the smartwatch. Passes that you use regularly can be added to your watch, enabling you to use your watch only for things like checking in to flights and redeeming travel coupons. If you’re a regular Starbucks visitor at the airport, your card balance can be checked easily, and then coffee purchased using only your watch (this would be only be available if using Apple Pay). Hotel tickets can be added, loyalty cards and so on. Why get out your cards when they can be accessed on your wrist?

Do you have an Apple Watch or are considering getting one for your business? We’d love to know how it works for you and what benefits you are accessing with this new technology.

About the author Audrey Fairbrother is the Marketing Manager here at Boldly, when she's not spreading information about the benefits and joys of a premium remote team, she enjoys drinking a good coffee or going for a run in her hometown of Denver, CO.

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