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Reputation Management: Where You Work Can Be Just
As Important As How

As every successful executive knows, building your professional reputation takes time, patience and a significant investment, from schooling to long work days to becoming a networking master. But in these days of remote work and mobile offices, it’s important to remember that where you work can become just as important of a statement of success as how.

Like many successful professionals, you have likely earned the right to choose where you work and can opt for corporate headquarters, home or the local coffee shop. And while creative and free workspaces might be inviting, conducting meetings and phone calls in loud public environments or with the distractions of home may not speak to the professional image you have worked so hard to cultivate. Not to mention, holding an in-person meeting at home or in a cafe is stressful at best, and conversations that should be private are easily overheard when in public, leaving your clients and colleagues to question the confidentiality of their information.

Fortunately, finding a professional workplace that meets corporate standards has never been easier with the development of upscale coworking locations, perfectly fitted to the needs of today’s demanding entrepreneurs and executives. And the benefits are much broader than just just unlimited coffee, outlets and printing. Today’s coworking spaces can provide peace of mind to anyone looking for a productive space outside their corporate office.

Heightened Security

Of course, easily accessible and casual coffee shops are hard to resist, but there are many security risks that come along with logging onto open networks. A dedicated co-working space can remove that risk, while still providing a visually appealing, creative and comfortable space. Private meeting rooms and private phone rooms also provide a layer of important security for your verbal interaction and information. These dedicated spaces have everything you need to maintain a professional reputation without distraction, and everything is in place to pass the scrutiny of your IT and compliance teams.

Networking Opportunities

Today’s premium coworking spaces are filled with successful, driven individuals, which provides ample opportunities for serendipitous encounters with other members that can grow your networking pool. Whether getting coffee or attending after hours events, these chances to connect with other individuals who may be able to lend insight into your industry or have somebody in their personal network that can help you are invaluable. You could even find your next client while sitting in the lounge area or sharing a high-top table.


Tired of commuting to the crowded city? Wanting to move? Traveling for business? Increasingly, workplaces are opening in suburban and urban markets, so you can find one that is convenient for you even when you’re on the road, while not putting your company’s data or your own personal comfort or safety at risk. Imagine it’s similar to having a mobile office, one that travels with you and is always available to you.

In addition to the benefits above, it’s also useful to note that companies are consolidating satellite offices to reduce their real estate footprint because traditional leases no longer make sense; making free options seem immediately appealing. But remember, where you work says a lot about your brand. Consider a coworking location that will meet all your company’s needs and will work to support your business as you grow. Most importantly, find a workplace that you can be proud of and that will help you take your reputation to the next level.

Looking for a professional coworking space? Learn more about Serendipity Labs and their locations here.

About the author Susan Harrison is Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions at Serendipity Labs, helping organizations develop workplace strategies, including adopting mobility to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

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