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How Sunday Evening Can Ease The Monday Blues

The weekend usually presents an opportunity to grab some relaxation; you spend time with family, do some sports, and maybe grab a drink with friends. You’re still available for work calls and check in quickly to emails a few times if needed, but the majority of your weekend is to get a bit of a break. As much as this is needed, being ‘work free’ for 2 days can present an overloaded backlog of emails and calls by Monday morning, already causing your calendar to be shuffled around. To prevent this, many people are turning to Sunday evening as their saviour; by simply working a few hours before Monday arrives, their entire working week gains a new perspective. Take a look at how you could benefit from doing the same.

Plan FOR Sunday And Monday

It’s very easy to head home Friday and completely shut off, but Monday will eventually come around. When you leave Friday, make a list of things you haven’t covered yet, emails to chase up or things you need to do Monday. Return to the list Sunday and see what you can do or prepare for on that evening to ease the pressure from Monday.

Head To The Inbox

Most Monday mornings are spent in the inbox, but if you work on them Sunday night, your Monday morning will be more available. Turn your internet to ‘offline’, respond to all emails needed and send them all in one go when you go back online, before shutting off from your emails. This reduces the likelihood that people will be replying as you’re working, and you can work without any distractions. Pay attention to any emails that you know will be a time sucker if left until Monday; even planning for it or doing half of it will reduce your Monday morning load.

Complete Last Weeks Unfinished Tasks

When it’s Friday, it’s easy to leave something half done and push it towards Monday; your future self can deal with it. On Monday, you won’t be particular delighted. If you get into a habit of doing this frequently, ensure that Sunday evening is used to complete these half-finished tasks. If not, you risk your week being disrupted and pushed back even further. If each week is leaving you with uncompleted tasks and you are struggling to get everything done, consider bringing a VA on to your team.

Check Your Game Plan

Take a look at your calendar, and see what your week ahead looks like and plan accordingly. Assess what your meetings are, what is due when and make a few notes. Having a perspective on the week ahead makes Monday morning a breeze. Are your meeting times realistic and do you need to make any calls to arrange transport or reservations for that Wednesday lunch? Are you fully prepared for that presentation on Wednesday and do you need to delegate anything prior?

Make A Positive List

Your week ahead doesn’t need to look daunting. If it is looking incredibly busy, make yourself a list on Sunday evening of the things you’re really looking forward to. It could be a meeting with a potential new investor, the work lunch mid-week or the launch of a new product to the market. Place this list on your desk on Monday and refer back to it when the stress levels rise.

Do you work on Sunday? How does it help your Monday morning? Share with us on Twitter. 

About the author Audrey Fairbrother is the Marketing Manager here at Boldly, when she's not spreading information about the benefits and joys of a premium remote team, she enjoys drinking a good coffee or going for a run in her hometown of Denver, CO.

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