At the beginning of the year, a small business owner (let’s call him John) was holed up in his office for the first workday of the new year. He was brainstorming. Adrenaline surged through his veins. His brain was on overdrive. He had ideas – big plans. John’s resolution: make 2016 his best year yet.

Fast-forward to today: John is frustrated. He hasn’t yet figured out how to create a 30-hour day, so his big plans are floundering. He’s totally burned out. His personal life is suffering. He’s feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

Sound familiar?

Creating Time Out of Thin Air – No Magic Required

John is like so many entrepreneurs and small business owners: he wears many hats and has trouble delegating – unless it’s to himself. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill his responsibilities and at the same time, implement new strategies.

You may feel a sort of camaraderie with John. Maybe you have plans in the pipeline, too – plans you haven’t had time to implement. Or you could be planning to expand your business, but feel overwhelmed with the how (and when, with what time?). Or perhaps you simply don’t know what can be delegated, and to whom. It’s challenging to find trustworthy, skilled staff that will work as hard as you do.

There’s an answer to your problem, and it’s not magic. It’s qualified help.

You need an assistant, a marketing manager, a sales guru – someone, somewhere who can fill in the blanks. Someone who can give you two or eight hours a day of extra time. Someone whose assistance will turn your plans into reality.

The Virtual Assistant Myth

There’s a myth running around the Internet; perhaps you’ve heard it? It suggests that virtual assistants are only qualified for basic admin tasks, like research and email management. It got there because some of the Big VA companies do only offer limited admin-based tasks.

But the new breed of VA – virtual assistants with coveted skill sets – are capable of much more. And there are business grade VA companies, like Boldly, that know where to find these game-changing assistants.

They know where to find VAs who are specialized telecommuters. Who are well educated, highly skilled and exceedingly capable. And who are a bargain, to boot: studies have shown that virtual workers can save your business up to $8,000 a year.

The New Calibre of Virtual Assistant

It’s 2016, and the virtual workplace has matured. Companies across the globe allow their staff to telecommute. University-educated, experienced employees have gone freelance. More than virtual assistants, these independent contractors can fill key positions and satisfy specialist needs in your business.

They are virtual ninjas who fill vital business roles and demolish the traditional mold of virtual assistance. When you hire virtual staff today, you’re accessing a worldwide database of talent – skilled expertise you’d be hard-pressed to find locally.

You’ll find web developers, project managers, designers, senior marketers, community managers, social media experts, ecommerce managers, and sales gurus. And yes, you’ll also find bookkeepers, customer service reps, researchers, and email managers. These virtual ninjas are sprinkled across the globe, in every country you have operations – and are all available under one online roof, which you can access with a click of the mouse.

Matching a VA to Your Business

Let’s rewind to your exciting plans for 2016, because it’s time to make them happen.

The beauty of today’s online workplace is that you can delegate an entire position or function to your virtual staff, without sacrificing quality or budget. And with a competent virtual assistance company, you’re not pawned off to the next available assistant; a skilled, virtual staff member is carefully chosen to match your personality, company culture, and the specific skillset required by your position.

So what do you envision for your business this year? If you plan to supercharge your online marketing, a virtual marketing automation manager can schedule your blog posts, create email newsletters, publish sales pages on WordPress, and manage affiliate payments. Or perhaps you’re upping your ecommerce game and need an assistant to manage stock levels, handle customer service, and manage your ecommerce platform. You can have that, too.

Remember, whatever your plans, there’s a premium virtual assistant who knows how to make them happen, no hand-holding required. Knowing that help is within reach is powerful. And soothing. Now all you have to do is act.