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Yes, Marketing Agencies, You Need A Remote Marketing Assistant ASAP! Here’s Why…

Written by: Sandra Lewis

There’s only a few seconds left on the clock.

The forward passes the ball to the center, the ball quickly leaving her hands just before the buzzer sounds. With a whisper, the ball slides through the net and the crowd leaps to their feet. That last-minute score brought the team over the line to win.

In basketball, like many sports, a lot of stats are tracked. Focus goes to the high scorer, but you know what else gets tracked?

Assists. Without the assist, there’s a lot less scoring.

While marketing isn’t a game, the stats still matter because there is a lot riding on it. 

So here’s a question: is your agency or marketing team missing a player? Maybe you’re not getting enough assists and coming up short in results?

Without a marketing assistant, you can’t get the win.

What Is A Marketing Assistant?

A marketing assistant is someone who provides support to the marketing leader or team already in your organization. 

They help administer and manage a marketing plan or project, making sure important work doesn’t slip through the cracks. Marketing assistants might help with:

  • Creating social media content (written and visual)
  • Analyzing data from marketing metrics
  • Setting up email campaigns
  • Engaging with social media followers
  • Monitoring activity on social media
  • Distributing communication materials (press releases, newsletters, etc.)
  • Creating blog posts and other content for a variety of platforms

Marketing assistants should have great communication skills, which is obvious considering that most of marketing revolves around communicating.

But they also need incredible organizational skills because there are so many marketing channels in play today. Social media, websites, press releases, and direct engagement—marketing touches nearly every front, and managing these kinds of complicated projects takes real skill.

It’s worth noting that a marketing assistant assists. As talented and capable as they might be, their job is to work alongside your current marketing team, helping them make the marketing strategy a success by doing the kinds of things in the list above.

Maybe you have an excellent team of writers, but they aren’t great with getting their blog posts out on the right platforms. Or your social media team is good at planning a data-driven marketing push, but weak on getting the content right. A savvy marketing assistant can take care of that. Wherever the gap is, they fill in.

A marketing assistant will help you make your current marketing plan a working reality.

Yes, You Probably Need A Marketing Assistant

Got a marketing strategy ready to go?

Maybe you think your team’s got this, and you don’t need a marketing assistant to help you make it happen. You’re getting posts on social media. You have some blog content. You’ve got it covered. 

But are you sure about that?

  • Are you fully responding to all customer or client feedback? Is engagement one-sided?
  • Have you used surveys to find out what your customers or clients think? Or are you running on autopilot and assumptions?
  • Are you so overwhelmed that customer service and customer response isn’t a great experience for anyone involved? 
  • Does your marketing team come up with a great marketing strategy but never fully execute it?
  • Is your marketing team on the same page? Does their work fit into the entire project?
  • Are your metrics for marketing campaigns as high as you expected? Are you even gathering or analyzing that kind of data?
  • Is your marketing team…just you? 

The greatest marketing strategy in the world gets crushed under the weight of poor execution. If you have the plan, but are failing to get any scores on the board, you need a marketing assistant ASAP.

The ASAP is the tricky part, though.

How To Get A Marketing Assistant Quickly

The need for marketing never shuts off. You let your marketing go silent, and customers wander away. Marketing has to be in constant motion, adapting quickly to trends and seasons.

Normally, finding and hiring a remote marketing assistant follows the standard hiring process. 

Define the job. Write a job description. Hold interviews. Choose a candidate. Onboard and train. In other words, many months and much money. By the time you get a marketing assistant through the traditional hiring route, your marketing plan could be several months behind. 

Fortunately for you, there’s a path to getting a fantastic remote marketing assistant that matches the quick pace of your marketing moves. Instead of months of hiring, you’re looking at a few days.

It’s all about our subscription staffing model.

Not contracts. Subscriptions.

With subscription staffing, you only pay for what you need from your marketing assistant. Increase the hours, decrease the hours, and your marketing budget is none the worse for wear.

One of the reasons the subscription staffing model works well is that your marketing plan often waxes and wanes depending on trends, seasonal promotions, and so on. You might need more social media assistance or blog posts at the start of a marketing campaign, and then the need declines until the next round.

With a standard contract, your need doesn’t matter; fulfilling the contract is what has to happen. In contrast, a subscription approach is all about your needs. Every month, you pay a subscription fee. Since all of our assistants are our employees, you don’t have to worry about any employment concerns. You simply pay that month’s subscription fee.

Not only does the subscription model focus on what you need; so does our approach to matching a marketing assistant to you.

When you come to us, we talk to you and listen to what you need. We find out what kind of person you’d like to work with. We get a feel for your work style and company culture. Then, we take that all into account and match you with one of our marketing assistants. They’re dedicated to working with you (and not from a random pool of workers). 

Keep in mind that all of that convenience is built on assistants who were hired through a rigorous process so that we only offer top-level Fortune 500 experienced people. You get the best of the best helping your marketing team, all in record timing.

So what’s your marketing strategy? Does it include a marketing assistant?

We love to see our clients succeed. If you have a marketing strategy that you need help getting off the ground, connect with us. We’d be happy to talk to you and help you find the perfect person to make your company win the marketing game.

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Updated on May 11th, 2022

About the author: Sandra Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Boldly. She's passionate about helping Businesses, Organizations and Executives increase productivity and move their work forward with the right skills and resources. Setting an example of the efficiencies gained working remotely, she’s been leading her entire team on a virtual basis for the past decade.