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Tips For Applying To Work At Boldly

Written by: Devin Drake

If you’ve done your research and you are ready to apply to join our team of talented professionals, then we welcome your application! We are so excited that you are interested in a long-term remote career with us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Joining the Boldly team means being part of a team of diverse, super-skilled, individuals that thrive on excellence and are committed to helping their clients thrive.

Think you’d be a good fit?

Below are some insightful tips on applying to work for Boldly, tips that might be quite different than the traditional job application advice you’ve heard for other positions. We are building the best team in remote staffing and we are looking for those who strive to share their unique skills and talents with us.

Let’s dive in!

1. Read Through Boldly’s Career Page

A solid understanding of the position you are applying for will obviously guide you in making informed decisions about whether the role is right for you. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time creating our careers page. We want you to be able to fully get to grips with the opportunities available and see if your qualifications are a great match before you take the time to apply.

So before you take the time to fill out the application, please read the careers page in full, including all of the FAQs. This will help avoid disappointment if you take the time to apply only to later discover that your career goals and experience don’t align with the position.

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

We believe that your LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of your online professional presence and it should showcase your areas of expertise and experience.

And, we aren’t the only employers who feel this way, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to research candidates. When updating your LinkedIn profile keep in mind that it should highlight all of the career experience and professional skills listed in your resume.

Before submitting your Boldly application, please make sure your LinkedIn profile is well put together. First impressions matter and this is your opportunity to showcase your experience and how it aligns with our requirements.

3. Take Your Time With The Application

Equally important to the LinkedIn profile is your application. It’s important to take time to reflect on the answers you give, ensuring that you answer every question in full and that it is error-free before you submit it. There’s nothing worse than applying only to realize you wish you’d added an important detail or left out a great point! So take your time here.

The application is the best place for you to tell the hiring team a little about yourself. There may be many reasons why remote work is essential for you. What is your why? Are you a parent, military spouse, caregiver, or do you have a unique life situation that makes working from home ideal? These are noteworthy strengths in the remote space, especially at Boldly, so be sure to share your greatest asset with us!

Think of your application as the synopsis on the back of a book and your resume is the novel. Your application sums up your main qualifications, enticing the reader to find out more.

4. Make Your Resume Easy To Understand

When it comes to your resume, the one-page resume rule does not apply here! Your resume is where you showcase your experience and amazing talents, so why limit it to one page? Be sure to submit your full resume, not just the most recent pieces. The more information you provide about your experience and qualifications, the better.

Make sure that your resume includes the dates of your employment and that your job titles reflect your work. For example, if you are a Project Manager please say that rather than Solutions Architect or an industry-specific title. Otherwise, it’s harder for the hiring team to understand the experience you have.

To be super clear, it’s best to avoid using abbreviations. For example, if you say you are looking for “remote opportunities in PM” the reviewer won’t know if PM means project management or remote opportunities in the evening time!

Avoid adding anything to your resume that takes away from the actual content. For example, your resume does not need to have flowers, graphics, charts, columns, or photos. These things can be contradictory to your message when you are applying for a job centered on efficiency. The best resumes are those that are well laid out with everything in order and easy to read.

5. [Bonus] The Video Interview

If selected to move forward, you will be invited to a video interview with us. As a bonus, we want to share a few tips on preparing for a video interview as they can be different to the traditional in-person format.

Remember that this is a professional meeting and although you aren’t interviewing in person, it’s important that you treat the interview like we are. This means paying careful attention to your attire and your background. For video interviews, lighting is extremely important. You can prepare ahead of time by practicing in a mirror or by recording yourself. This will allow you to debug any hiccups with lighting and also give you more confidence with the video format.

We are always looking for the best candidates to join our team. If you love the idea of joining a unique and exciting workplace with a robust company culture that thrives on excellence – then we want to hear from you!

Updated on March 7th, 2023

About the author: Devin Drake is the Military Spouse Advocate and Recruitment Communications Manager for Boldly. With over a decade of business experience in various military organizations, as well as over 15 years as a USMC spouse, Devin is seasoned in the ways of military life. Devin holds an MBA from Webster University and currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys being outdoors in her free time.