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Keep your Mail Sleek and Organized with These 4 Apps

In a perfect world, email would sort itself in to its required folders and dutifully reply to meeting requests, flagging anything that needed returning to or an urgent response. Apps aren’t quite on that automated intuitive level yet, as handy as it would be. When you’re a busy professional, emails can come in their dozens per hour, and having a functional app to keep things easy and organized, is invaluable. We’ve collated some of the best apps currently on the market; try one of them out and see the difference it makes to your inbox.


Boxer is perfect for the busy professional who is looking for more features than the standard email functionality that phones and tablets come with. Supporting all of the main email accounts, important messages can be moved to your own personal ‘To Do’ List. To these can be added due dates or priority, and emails come in with profile pictures too. Moving from another app or interface? Boxer supports all of your existing folders, tags and labels. Inspired we presume by the Facebook ‘thumbs up’ Boxer allows you to ‘Like’ a mail, letting the sender know you have seen their message while you’re on the go.

One of the best features of Boxer is its integration with Dropbox; this allows you to connect and send files on the go. Boxer also syncs with Evernote, allowing you to save attachments or emails to your account. Boxer can also be accessed via all your mobile devices and syncs across all of them when you’re on the go. The $9.99 price tag is worth it for an organized inbox.




Mailbox is everything you need to make your email fast, friendly on the move, and easy to use while keeping on top of everything. Messages can be quickly swiped through, and you can view through entire conversations in ‘chat’ view, which simplifies the viewing process. One of the main features that is popular is the ability to ‘snooze’ a mail, returning it to your inbox on a later date with several options to choose from: Later Today, tomorrow, in a month and so on. Perfect if you want to head back to something later on, and need a reminder to do so. You can also organize emails in to lists.

Perfect for busy individuals, Mailbox essentially taps into the power of procrastination, but if you’re ‘snoozing’ emails to an appropriate time or day for a reason, you should find that it helps you stay on top of your emails long term. Free for mobiles and tablets.




Evomail is a perfect app for the savvy business owner who likes everything incredibly organized when it comes to their mailbox, especially in the form of folder support. Supporting Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo accounts (with more on the way). It has a fantastic interface with menus that not only make sense but are logical. Emails can be marked as appropriate (later today, tomorrow, or next week), or for a specified time and date to come back to, when it will reappear in your inbox. They can be moved to folders you create that are color coded for ease of use.

Push notifications help you to stay on top of things as they are needed, and swipe gestures allow you to mark mails quickly – perfect when you’re on the move and sorting through your emails. It is not only well designed, but perfect for keeping you productive and on top of your day to day mails; exactly what a business owner needs. Free to download.



Mail Pilot

If your daily/weekly aim is towards Inbox Zero and you treat your inbox more like a To-Do list, Mail Pilot might be the mail app for you. Currently available for the Mac only (with iPhone and iPad versions on their way), Mail Pilot offers a clean and notable way to wade through a busy inbox. When you’re done with an email, check it off and send it to an archive, or postpone an email for a specified amount of time. You can send emails for review later too just as you would a to do list, as well as there being useful notification features and keyboard shortcuts.

Mail Pilot does lack a few features that some people would find frustrating, including a limited search function and no ability to save drafts. If you’re someone who has everything ‘in its place’ on your email, this app isn’t for you. However if your inbox is a battlefield that you aim to conquer every day, give this one a go. $20 on the Mac Store.



About the author Audrey Fairbrother is the Marketing Manager here at Boldly, when she's not spreading information about the benefits and joys of a premium remote team, she enjoys drinking a good coffee or going for a run in her hometown of Denver, CO.

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