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How This Founder Quickly Hired A Remote Executive Assistant He Could Trust In An Uncertain Economy

Matt Solomon’s business had grown so rapidly it had trapped him in an exhausting cycle. He was so busy he didn’t have time to make the improvements that would have saved him the very time he needed.

As the founder of The Center for Enlightened Business, he empowers accountants to go beyond crunching the numbers to actively contribute to the growth of the company.

It’s no wonder he was in demand.

He was drowning in work. But hiring the right person takes over a month—just on average. It also costs a senior exec’s most valuable assets: attention and energy. Matt couldn’t afford to spend that time or energy.

When a business partner recommended Boldly, Matt was skeptical. How could a remote staffing agency really match the trust, skill, and continuity of an in-house hire?

Boldly introduced Matt to Natasha, and her experience in his field and her level of skill made it an instant fit. The process was fast. Finding the right person had been almost easy. Natasha jumped in, working seamlessly across company processes, HR, and marketing. It was everything he’d needed.

But then Covid rocked the workforce. Matt found himself working remotely in an uncertain economy… and with a remote team.


Finding the right team is an enormous challenge on its own. So many entrepreneurs and companies never even reach that goal. Let alone communicating well, aligning priorities, and staying productive—all while each of you works remotely.

The question is, how do you make remote work truly work?

Ask Better, Deeper Questions

When you’re working remotely, you can’t chat while getting coffee in the kitchen. People can’t go for happy hour right after work or stop by each other’s desks for questions or advice. But that doesn’t have to mean we’re less connected. Don’t just ask “how can we replace that connection online?”

Matt pushed himself to embrace remote work as an opportunity to improve. So look for the better, deeper question. How can we connect more now than we did in the office? How can we thrive together now?

View Remote Work As A Gift

Working from home doesn’t have to be a problem. In an office, uninterrupted time to focus can be in short supply. People drop by your office. Someone stops you in the hall with a question. Executive assistants get caught in the middle of all of that. But at home, it can be so much easier to block off your calendar and truly focus.

Natasha had the freedom to pour herself into projects rather than being interrupted by office distractions. That meant she could focus on results and clear communication with Matt. So embrace the potential and focus of working from home.

Carve Out Creative Ways To Prioritize Social Connection

Building a stellar culture with a remote team takes intentionality—especially with social time. Social connections build trust. They improve communication. They can reduce burnout and make for a happier team.

So have virtual company happy hours. Or take a few days to have a company retreat, like Natasha planned for Matt’s entire team, with social hours, Jeopardy, or games you can play on Zoom or Teams.

Have a pet “show and tell.” We all love a good Zoom visit from a furry friend, so make space for it.

Increase Flexibility With Subscription Staffing

Subscription staffing means you don’t have to shell out the $4,700 price tag required to hire in-house. This has saved Matt money as his business grew. And during times there wasn’t as much work for Natasha, he knew she didn’t have to be waiting on him.

Execs can adjust the hours for their staff up or down as needed. And with the vetting and experience of Boldly executive assistants, your staff can bring the skills and adaptability it takes to make working remotely truly work for you.

With the benefit of so much flexibility, you and your whole team can not only find results, you can also help each other and the company thrive.

Years later, Matt and Natasha are still working remotely as a powerful team, fueled by a gift mindset and the flexibility of communication and trust.

You can have the gifts and support of remote work, too. If you’d like to explore working with a Boldly premium executive assistant, you can start here.

About the author Katie Hill is a Content Writer at Boldly, which offers Premium Subscription Staffing for demanding executives and founders. When she isn't writing about remote work or productivity, she can be found adventuring in Colorado's backcountry.

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