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9 Great Companies With Remote Jobs for Military Spouses

Remote work is a great fit for the military spouse lifestyle. If you’re looking for a transportable career with longevity, remote work is the premier choice, providing you with the opportunity to pack up your job and take it with you just as you do your household goods. Imagine how great that would be!

According to a FlexJobs and Blue Star Families survey, 32% of military spouses have had to leave their job at least 3 times due to their service member’s relocation. But we’re optimistic this statistic has the potential to decrease dramatically as the movement for remote work continues. As leaders in remote work, we know that remote jobs for military spouses not only promote your career growth, but they also offer organizations a way to attract and retain top talent.

We understand, the capacity to have career stability as a military spouse may feel like an aspiration that is desired by many and yet obtained by few. However, times are changing. We, along with many other companies, have remote jobs for military spouses that we are actively hiring for. Remote work is not novel, you just need to know where to look.

In this post, and in honor of military families month, we will share 9 vetted companies with remote jobs for military spouses and where you can go to find out more about their hiring initiatives.

These companies recognize that remote work is reshaping the workforce and offer remote jobs for military spouses outside of the conventional office:

1. Adecco

Adecco USA is a leading provider of human resource solutions and connects workers to job opportunities across the country, making them one of America’s largest employers. The Adecco Military Alliance provides military spouses (and veterans) with flexible career support and job opportunities across the nation.

2. Aira

Aira connects people who are blind or have low vision to a trained, professional agent who provides visual information on demand. The Aira Agent team has committed to hiring military spouses and is a participant in the Hiring Our Heroes Hiring 100k Military Spouses Challenge.

3. Boldly

That’s right, this is us! At Boldly, we are 100% committed to hiring military spouses and actively seek to hire more milspo’s every month! We have a Military Spouse Team Advocate that focuses on building our military spouse relations and a dedicated military spouse employment page where you can learn more about beginning a fulfilling career with us for the long-term.

4. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the largest consulting organizations and they have developed the Military Spouse Initiative program to attract and retain an untapped talent pool of military spouses. The Military Spouse Initiative program was built by military spouses for military spouses to offer support and resources to not just have a job, but have a career.

5. Freedom Learning Group

The Freedom Learning Group is a team of military spouses and veterans who virtually contribute their expertise to educational courseware projects all around the world. If you are interested in joining their organization, jump on over to their career opportunities page, and fill out a subject matter expert profile to provide them with details on your background and availability.

6. SimplrFlex

SimplrFlex is hiring remote customer service professionals to assist small businesses with their customer service. They recognize that military spouses face extreme difficulties finding employment and are proud to provide remote jobs for military spouses and flexible opportunities throughout the world.

7. Veterans United

If you have ever looked to purchase a home, you have probably heard of Veterans United. Not only is it one of the most popular mortgage lenders for VA loans, they are also a military spouse-friendly employer with remote positions and amazing Glassdoor reviews.

8. Amazon

Amazon recently introduced their Military Spouse Program as well as a remote work policy for military spouses. Amazon has some great resources for spouses, veterans, and active-duty members looking to make the transition, including ways to be hired directly into a role, a AWS Military Apprenticeship program, the Hire Our Heroes fellowship for veterans and military spouses, and the Amazon Fellowship for Military Spouses.

9. VIPKid

VIPKid is an online education company and all of their teaching positions are remote. They hire US citizens to teach English language classes one-on-one to students throughout the world. Once you sign up to start teaching, you can pick your own hours and work from the comfort of your home while making an impact in a child’s life.

What If Your Location No Longer Dictated Your Employment Options?

We get it, it’s difficult building a career not knowing where the military may send you. But If you’re ready to find a career where you can progress no matter where the military life takes you, it’s time to consider making the transition to remote work. Remote jobs for military spouses are becoming readily abundant and the future of work will soon become the present.

We have been a remote organization from day one, offering flexible fulfilling careers to military spouses, complemented by a vibrant team culture built on kindness.

Our years of experience have made us experts in knowing what you really want in your career:

A career you can build from anywhere.

Interested in positions with Boldly? We’re hiring! Check out our military spouse jobs page.

About the author Audrey Fairbrother is the Marketing Manager here at Boldly, when she's not spreading information about the benefits and joys of a premium remote team, she enjoys drinking a good coffee or going for a run in her hometown of Denver, CO.

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