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Press Release

Monday, May 6, 2019

Audrey Fairbrother
(859) 496-7442

Premium Subscription Staffing Company Renames to Boldly

Formerly Known as Worldwide101, Boldly Allows Companies To Get Immediately Available, Highly-Qualified Remote Staff As A Subscription Service

New York—Following the launch of their innovative staffing model last year to help growing businesses move faster and become more productive, Worldwide101 has taken the next step by renaming the company Boldly Premium Subscription Staffing. Premium subscription staffing through Boldly allows companies to get Fortune 500-trained, highly qualified, and hand-selected remote talent on a monthly subscription, giving them the flexibility to move quickly without the complexity and delay of recruiting, experiment with less risk, and without an administrative burden.

Boldly creates agility in today’s rapidly changing markets by giving businesses an edge and allowing them to quickly respond to a changing landscape on demand. Businesses can leverage talent—from executive assistants, marketing and social media specialists, project managers, and more— to fulfill the changing needs of a business in real time. The new Boldly name underscores the new operating model for both companies and remote workers in today’s economy.

“Today’s business owners want and need the high quality and convenience of the Boldly premium subscription staffing model,” said Sandra Lewis, Boldly founder and CEO. “The Boldly service provides companies with highly-qualified, personally selected talent, saving them time, money, and administrative hassle.”

Shifting to subscription staffing isn’t just good for businesses. The remote work revolution has changed employee expectations as well. Thousands of the world’s top talent—including many with years of experience at leading companies—are leaving the office behind in favor of remotely contributing to teams they’re passionate about. Last year alone, Boldly received 32,000 job applications.

Unlike the rigidity of traditional employment, subscription staffing offers talented workers greater flexibility, the chance to work remotely, and the opportunity to work with a variety of interesting companies. This leads to greater satisfaction, creativity, and ongoing learning.

The so-called gig economy offers quick access to remote workers, but exposes companies to significant risk while leaving workers without any of the benefits and protections of employment. Boldly handles all employment requirements, a win for businesses and staff alike.

Companies or individuals interested in learning more about the premium subscription staffing model can find out more about Boldly here.


Boldly is a premium subscription staffing company supporting demanding founders and executives by providing them with highly experienced remote staff based in the U.S., on a simple monthly subscription. Find Boldly online on their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.