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When will my assistant be available?

When we meet with you to find out your requirements, we'll get a picture of the amount of time you need each month, and approximately the way you'd like the time divided up. For some clients its a few concentrated hours each day, for some its time in the morning, afternoon and end of day to check messages etc. Each business has different requirements. Bear in mind that your assistant will also be supporting other clients, so what works best is to establish a rhythm so that at specific times of the day you'll be sure to have her undivided attention. And of course if from time to time something urgent comes up, your assistant will usually be able to reorganize to support you. Your VA works business hours, Monday to Friday, and will typically respond to you within a few hours.

How do you choose the virtual assistants that work with Boldly?

As a premium virtual assistant company, Boldly has a simple premise. We only invite virtual assistants to join the Boldly team who are passionate about doing a good job and passionate about working from home—people who share the belief in going the extra mile to retain that privilege. After a rigorous interview and vetting process, we invite people who have both the professional skills and an innate sense of service. We find that the motivation of continuing to work virtually translates into team members that shine. This article written by our Founder, Sandra Lewis, explains the basis of the Boldly selection process and how it has evolved. All of our team members have at least 7+ years of professional experience in their area of specialty.

What sets Boldly apart from the competition?

First and foremost, the quality of our team. Each member of our team has 7+ years experience in their area of speciality, so you will be working with someone with a proven track record. Secondly, our personalized process focuses not only on skills, but also on compatibility. We strive to make both effective and positive matches for our clients and VAs, so that you'll be working with someone who is excited about your business and working with you for the long term. Lastly, we stand behind our work and our team with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your fees for the month!

How can I protect my company information?

All Boldly virtual assistants are thoroughly vetted and hired for their discretion and service approach. Each assistant will have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) covering confidentiality, the protection of your information and intellectual property and you are welcome to use your own agreement. In addition, when our assistants work with you they take advantage of cloud technologies and save information and files on cloud-based platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive. In this way you documents are stored remotely and not on any local machines. You can also use tools such as Lastpass to share your logins and payment information with your virtual assistant securely.

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What Caliber of Assistant Can I Expect to Work With?

virtual assistant Catherine


  • 7+ years in project/program development
  • Specializes in managing logistics, research, and client relations
  • Experience in civil service, small business, and non-profits

“My days are always interesting working with unique clients.”


“Cat has become a real asset for our business. You only have to tell her things once and you can trust she will carry it through. She has been adaptable and a quick learner.”

Stu Loeser Stu Loeser Media Strategist