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Executive Assistants for Busy Financial Professionals.

How This Busy Investment Company Stays Productive

"As a small business owner who works alone, my Boldly executive assistant is an essential part of my team. She is not only productive, she is proactive, taking care of tasks without needing micromanaging from me – stuff just gets done. Her cheerful good work frees me up to focus on the things that matter. In addition, Sandra and everybody else on the team are responsive and customer-centric. Bottom line: Boldly makes my life easier! I highly recommend them."

Fang Li, Baleen Capital

Why Boldly for Financial Professionals?

In working with hundreds of clients in the financial sector over the years, Boldly has become an expert in helping them manage the administrative side of their businesses so they can focus on what they do best. Whether it’s corporate finance, public accounting, private equity, financial planning, insurance or something else, our staff have the knowledge and background to identify which tasks you can delegate to help move your business forward, and to do them with top-notch quality and attention.

Our Subscription Staff are Skilled in the Tools You Use Every Day

Boldly’s team are up to speed and ready to jump right in with some of the most popular applications on the market. Tools like...

How does it work?

At Boldly you will be personally matched with a dedicated, US-based remote staff member who will effortlessly step-in to manage your calendar, appointments, travel booking, bookkeeping assistance, and more.

Your staff can also support you personally in a variety of tasks - researching handymen, paying bills, ordering dry cleaning, etc. And because your staff gets to know you and your preferences, you create an effortless long-term solution to freeing up your time.

How do we support Financial Professionals?

Our subscription staff work behind the scenes of your company to assist in areas such as:

  • Scheduling and calendar management.
  • Travel bookings.
  • Paying invoices.
  • Managing autopays.
  • Maintaining relationships with clients.
  • Filing 1099s and other corporate tax forms.
  • Organizing deductible charitable donations for the year.
  • Managing your tax calendar.
  • Collecting monthly receipts for expenses.
  • Filing.
  • Research.
  • And much more ...

At the end of the day, your success is our success.
We’ll move heaven and earth to help your business succeed.

What our customers are saying.


  • 11 years in project/program development
  • Specializes in managing logistics, research, and client relations
  • Experience in civil service, small business, and non-profits

“For me there is a huge satisfaction seeing clients’ projects take off."


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    In a short, productive meeting, we'll listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that we suggest the right EA to match the leader they will support and your company culture.

  2. Meet your executive
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    You’ll speak to the person we recommend to verify that it's a good match before you sign up, so that you have that extra level of confidence in who you'll be working with.

  3. Start working together.

    Your EA will learn about your business, how you like to work, and tools you like to use. (They can also recommend collaboration and business tools.) You'll see everything they do in an easy-to-use dashboard.