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Boldly or Virtual Assistant Company?

Premium Staff

In addition to the basic admin tasks covered by VA companies, Boldly’s staff have 10-15 years experience in their area of specialty and have the skills, track-record, and maturity to handle more complex functions like marketing, project management, bookkeeping, and ecommerce support, as well as representing your business with customers and suppliers as an integral part of your team.


When you work with a virtual assistant company that hires their assistants as 1099 contractors, unfortunately you aren't compliant with federal and state tax and employment law. In fact you could be held responsible as a co-employer for the penalties of misclassifying employees as contractors. Read about how to get compliance peace of mind with premium subscription staffing.

Reponsive to Your Exact Needs

We understand that 'one size fits all' doesn't fly when you are a growing business with your own unique needs that change on a regular basis. In addition to matching you with a dedicated assistant, our extended team is with you every step of the way. To the client who needed two extra customer service assistants to cover a busy weekend, or the client who needed a website rebuilt in an emergency, we said "No problem."

Meet Your Assistant First

At Boldly, we carefully match you with a dedicated assistant based on skills and personality. We also go one step further in the matching process: we'll recommend candidates that we think will be a good fit, and you'll have an opportunity to meet with them before making a decision to subscribe. Don't pay us a cent until you have approved the match.

No Additional Fees

Boldly won't charge you extra for your assistant to use your company's email, to do urgent tasks, or to add additional users. Our affordable subscriptions offer exceptional value, particularly when you consider the business-grade skillsets that your assistant can handle.


Need a German-speaking customer service assistant or a French Canadian bookkeeper? No problem. Our North America and Europe-based teams can help you bridge the gap between countries and continents and enter new markets with ease, handling your tasks in multiple languages.

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Service Comparison

Dedicated VA
North American Based VA
European Based VA
Meet Your Assistant First
General Admin
Customer support
Social Media & Marketing
Web Development
Access to extended team
Outgoing calls
Inbound calls
Use my online software tools
Company email at no cost
Add users at no cost
Satisfaction guaranteeLifetime30 days
Back-up if staff away
Partner offers
Private dashboard to track hours