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Boldly or Freelance?

Tried and Tested Professionals

Rather than having to sort through hundreds of potential candidates to find the right skills and commitment to excellence you need, with Boldly, you reduce search time and hit the ground running. We’ll match you with vetted professionals on our team who have 10-15 years experience and a proven record.

Expandable Resources and Skills

With a single individual freelancer, you are limited to the time they have available, and to the skills they know. With Boldly, if you ever need to add more work or need specialist skills like design or Web development, we’ve got you covered.

Never Be without Help

Even the best people get sick from time to time, take vacations, or need to take time off for personal reasons. With Boldly, we won’t leave you stranded. All of our assistants train a backup so that they can step in to cover them when the need arises.

Risk Free Compliance

When you work with a freelancer on an ongoing basis, they are effectively your employee and you open yourself to significant risk by not classifying them as such. Boldly's subscription staffing solution gives you compliance peace of mind.

Our team members have the experience, maturity
and passion to support winning teams.

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